Public and In-House Training

I offer:

  • Public and In-House Training, Workshops and Seminars
  • Accredited Training through a selected training provider

My Experience:

  • 12 x Years at SARS Customs (Quality Controller)
  • 10 x Years DSV South Africa (Customs Manager)
  • Managing Director: CusComIT (Pty) Ltd

My Qualifications:

  • Training Assessor (ETDP-SETA US/157/016575/18)
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration) NMU
  • Post. Grad. Dip. Business Management UKZN
  • Dip. Import, Export & International Trade IMM

Please Contact me for Information on:

  • +27(0) 82 341 6238

Training Offered:

Customs Training Scope of Training  Half


Full Day Cost


Customs Tariff Tariff Classification and Additional Duties 1,150
Customs Valuations Imports, Exports, Invoice Values, Customs Requirements 1,650
Rules of Origin Trade Agreements (SACU, SADC, EU, EFTA), AGOA, GSP 850
Commercial Invoice Customs Requirements to be Legal 850
Clearing Instructions Customs Requirements to be Legal, and Risk 850
Customs Documentation SAD 500 and Supporting Documents 1,150
Beginner Importer / Exporter Training Beginner, Customs & Trade Requirements & Procedures 1,650
Customs Procedure Codes (Purpose Codes) Cargo Movement, Requirements & Risk 850
New Customs Acts Introduction to Customs Control and Duty Acts & Rules 850

Training Format:

  • Lecture Time with Visual Aids
  • Supporting Training Material
  • Learner Group Activities
  • Learner Self-Assessment Activities
  • Opportunities for Questions & Answers

Training Schedule:

Training is offered Monthly. Please contact me for information on:

  • +27(0) 82 341 6238



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